Main Bakhtar Halal Kabab in Flushing, NY – Lamb Tikka and Grilled Halal Meats Rule!  

Mount Hebron Cemetery

Occasionally, I go running in the Mount Hebron Cemetery in Queens, NY. Mt Hebron is a huge cemetery. When not covered in snow, it felt like Central Park for the dead people. Much quieter, less pretentious and more to my liking. But this is mostly a food blog… so after one of my runs, I went across the street to Main Bakhtar Halal Kabab, an Afghan restaurant where grilled halal meats rule! I love Afghan food.

A funny story – My last Afghan food experience in Queens was an interesting one. I walked into a very traditional establishment where the men were dressed in the traditional Thobe (Thawb) and I walked in with a short skirt and high heels. I was also the only female in the entire place that stank of male testosterone and conservatism. Click here to read the entire post.

With that in mind, I thought about what I was wearing before I walked into Main Bakhtar Halal Kabab. I was wearing a pair of tight running pants. Not a whole lot better than the short skirt but at least I was not showing any skin. The authority defying side of me decided that trying out this place was far more important than being judged upon. I was also hungry. I went in.

I was so happy to find that I was treated like everyone else – normally. The men at the counter were friendly and cared more about whether the grilled lamb is ready than an inappropriately dressed Asian woman in a muslim restaurant. The marvelous Flushing, NY, where all cultures intersect. Love it.

This is combo number 1: beef kofta, lamb and chicken tikka. Can’t go wrong when it is the first item on the menu or the most popular one. I eat Afghan food for the lamb and for lamb tikka. It was a perfect lamb tikka, still juicy in the middle. Just writing about this experience makes me hungry again for lamb tikka. The chicken was equally good. The beef kofta was a little dry. The rice was ugly looking but tasty. This is my kind of hole in the wall place. LOVE.

Salad. Ah, ok. A must have accompaniment for the combos but serves no purpose.

I asked – they don’t deliver. I wish they did. This place is too far for me to walk to pick up my food. As you know, driving and parking in Queens can be a pain.

Will definitely return. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a good Afghan place and do not care for the ambience.

This experience took place at

Main Bakhtar Halal Kabab
67-29 Main St
Flushing, NY 11367
(718) 793-4535

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