Work Cafeteria in White Plains, NY – Super Pumped to Influence their Menus

I work in a corporate park in White Plains, NY and there is a small cafeteria for the entire building.  The food in general is horrible.  The cafeteria had received terrible comments in the past that is related to hygiene, freshness or the appearance of the dish.

This was breaded sole with Spanish rice and broccoli.  When I shared this picture with a friend, he called this the “jail food.”

Since lunch is essential for my well-being, I tend to make do with my own or buy very restricted items from the cafeteria from time to time. A toasted everything bagel with egg and ham is one option that is consistently acceptable.  Today, I had the salmon with tomato sauce, rice pilaf and vegetables.  See below.

The salmon was decent, close enough to what I could do.  The rice pilaf was worse than the kind from the box.

But this is not a post to slam my cafeteria.  I am super-pumped that I have finally become friendly enough with the chef (whose name rhymes with Brownie) in the cafeteria that he is going to make the kind of dish I like!  I love lamb and lamb is not a popular protein.  He will be making roasted lamb and possibly Israeli couscous in the next two weeks at my request!  Better yet, he will text me so I can get the lamb when it first comes out of the oven.

I start to imagine how I can slowly influence the menus of my cafeteria…  Bringing fresh ingredients, poaching the wild salmon, confining the duck, sous-viding the snapper, etc..  May sound pathetic but I live a big chunk of my life in the office.  I need quality food.  I need food that is more palatable. Otherwise, an English muffin with peanut butter plus black tea or cereal with chia seeds and soy milk make a rather boring midday chow.

This experience took place at

A large corporate complex in White Plains, NY

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