Buena Vista Deli in Miami’s Design District – Palm Trees and Blue Skies

The Northeast is experiencing a tough Winter this year with weekly snow and ice storms. The cloudiness has really gotten me down in February. Thanks to my job, I found myself sitting outside of Buena Vista Deli on President’s Day in Miami, Florida, having a simple yet satisfying brunch. The glorious sun! Even the stop sign looked much better next to palm trees and blue skies.

Buena Vista Bakery is located in the Design District of Miami on NE 2nd Ave and a short walk away from the Airbnb that I stayed in. It was not the best of the neighborhoods but the walk was warm and summery. It put a sprint into my steps. I was skipping!

A stop sign and palm trees!

It was a very simple and very French breakfast: toasted baguette with butter and jelly; sausages; one Madeleine cookie; soy latte. The best part was the baguette… good bread – the density was right. The soy latte was decent – European in origin. The Madeleine was not too hot – not enough butter or eggs, too fluffy. The Costco Madeleine is better. The sausages were average – seems like they warmed up the frozen kind.

But I could not complain. It was one of the nicest breakfast in a while for me. It was warm and sunny. It was cheap.

I squinted my eyes and smiled. I love the sun. Will return when given the opportunity.

This experience took place at

Buena Vista Deli
4590 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 576-3945

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