Toloache 50 in the Theater District NYC – A Little Guac and Mojito Before the Show

Toloachey NYC

My friend and I had tickets to see Hugh Jackman in the Broadway show, The River. We stopped at this cute little Mexican place, Toloache, right in front of the theater to get a little guac and a glass of virgin mojito before the show. It was a happening place and we barely squeezed ourselves through the crowds to get to the bar. #TheaterDinningNYC

Toloache is a plant or “a psychoactive, hallucinogenic preparation made from the plant.” Let’s see if their food has the same psychoactive impact on us.

Tradicional, Mild Guacamole: Avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, serrano. This guacamole was almost divine. It is as good as the one from Salvation Tacos. It was chunky, smooth, and creamy.

Sopa de Tortilla: Tomato & guajillo soup, crispy tortilla Chihuahua cheese, crema, avocado. The tomato-based soup used lots of guajillo chili to give it a kick. The tortilla added the crunchy texture and the avocado added the smooth. I was very happy to have this soup during such a cold February night.  Nicely balanced.

Here is the virgin mojito. 🙂 Now I won’t fall asleep in the theater.

Hugh Jackman commanded in The River. The show was existentialist in nature and discussed love in a futile and depressing manner. It is not a show one sees with a date or a significant other. Glad I went with a girlfriend instead. As it turned out, the food at Toloache, not Hugh Jackman, was the highlight of my evening. I would recommend this little place for NYC theater dining.

This experience took place at

251 W 50th St
New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-1818

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