Purdy’s Farmer & the Fish in North Salem, NY – Celebrating a New Beginning and Old Friendships. Oysters and Scallops!

Purdy's Farmer and the Fish Restaurant

My friend Lisa and I went to Purdy’s Farmer & the Fish for lunch on New Year’s Eve. Lisa and I went way back; we started working at roughly the same time and we stayed friends throughout different jobs, companies, geographic locations and men. We have watched each other grow as people and as professionals. 2014 was a transitional year for both Lisa and me and we gathered here to send away 2014 and welcome a new beginning.

Purdy’s Farmers & the Fish is a restaurant located in North Salem, NY, right off 684. It uses locally grown produce – in fact they buy land and grow their own produce right there on premise. They have a farm shop, located next to their market, that sells the produce and fish. It is a very exciting combination for those of us live in the suburbs and are constantly looking for organic produce and good quality seafood. The restaurant is in an old house that dates back to 1775, where the floor is slanted but made with beautiful polished wood. This restaurant not only has fresh scrumptious food but also the ambience and the practice of a farm. This is probably as close to your food as anyone can living in the Westchester County, NY.

It’s only fitting that we started our meal with a champagne to celebrate a new beginning and our old friendship.

We decided to splurge and had oysters! We had: Malpeque (PEI) ~ Medium. Mild in salinity, plump meats with light minerality and slightly sweet finish; Spinney Creek (ME) ~ Medium. Medium salinity. Bright and crisp with lettuce, lingering finish; Baynes Sound (VAN) ~ Large. Medium salinity. Clean, bright flavor with cucumber finish; Wellfleet (MA) ~ Medium. Medium/High salinity. Noted for its bright crisp finish; and a couple more that I could not recall. I should have taken better notes! Complete raw bar menu here.

The oysters were heavenly, succulent, briny, crystal clear, sharp and smooth. See these prior posts on how I really feel about oysters – I absolutely love oysters but I am yet to meet my oyster. #OysterLovers  #Oysters

Purdy’s Clam Chowder: nothing beats a good clam chowder. 🙂

DOWNEAST Lobster Roll ~ warm, naked & buttered OR chilled, garden cuc’s & lemon aioli. I have to tell you that this was pretty awesome, except for the fact that Lisa’s dish was so much better. I made the error of trying her dish soon after I started mine. At first, I was absolutely satisfied with my warm lobster roll – the lobster was fresh; the meat has a strong elasticity; the taste is exactly as described and pretty much what I wanted. But after I tried Lisa’s dish, the lobster roll became too greasy with butter. Instead of fries, I got the polenta fries. That sounded good but was such a mistake. Polenta should not be deep-fried; should be pan-fried instead.  #Lobsters

Seared Scallop Salad~ crispy bacon & fingerling potatoes, sunny side up egg, lemon EVOO. This was the best! The scallops were done to perfection. The egg and the fingerling potatoes topped with bacon were sooo good. Lisa insisted that I put all the ingredients together into one bite. She is right! It delivered a complete sensation for the mouth and the head. I need to go back and order this salad for myself. #Scallops

This is the Key Lime Mousse.  It was so much better than what we expected.  The sourness of the key lime and the sweetness of the whip cream combined with the blackberries on top… And the formation and the texture of the mousse: a little hard on the outside but when you dig in, all you get is the nice gooeyness that speaks to the tongue.  It was luscious and exquisite. #KeyLimeMousse

Purdy’s Farmer & the Fish is my new favorite restaurant.  Can’t wait to go back and try all the other oysters on the menu.  Cheers to a new beginning and old friendships with much love! Wish everyday can be a day filled with special memories and sensations.

This experience took place at

Purdy’s Farmers & the Fish
NORTH SALEM (or Purdys), NY 10560
(914) 617-8380

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