Sojourn in NYC – A Temporary Stay Filled with Intimate Decor, Culture, Food, and Wine

On a Sunday night after a three-hour freezing hike in the wild, I found myself in Manhattan having dinner at Sojourn in the Upper East Side. It felt much more civilized and warm. Sojourn is a favorite restaurant of a friend and I was being introduced to a few of the thoroughly vetted and delicious dishes. Sojourn offers smaller plates somewhat similar to tapas but American sized (which means much bigger than tapas).

We ordered-  Duck Confit Spring Rolls: Sweet and spicy plum sauce, Burrata: Imported Italian cow’s milk cheese, roasted tomato, almond pesto, basil oil, crostini’s, Black Pasta and Grilled Hanger Steak.  

The Duck Confit Spring Rolls (friend’s choice) won the best dish of the night. Crunchy and delectable.  Could definitely return for a lot more.  The Burrata (my choice) was just ok. It was swimming in the roasted tomato and the olive oil.  Felt greasy. The Burrata was not soft like the way I like it. There are no photos accompanying these two dishes because the former photographer friend responsible for taking the photo was an Android phone novice and did not touch the right button. Apologies to my readers.

Black Pasta (friend’s choice):Linguini pasta, lobster arrabiata. I went into this dish with high expectations since my friend listed it as a must-eat in NYC and unfortunately it was just acceptable that night. The taste did not reflect the accolades.

Grilled Hanger Steak (my choice): Fingerling potatoes, roasted mushroom, bordelaise sauce. I liked the steak. Thought it was cooked well and hit the spot. My friend did not agree and also thought the mashed potato came from the powder. Yes, the mash was indeed powder-like and could have been whipped up in the microwave at home. But the roasted mushrooms… mmm. mmm. good.

My sojourn that night at this restaurant had a mixed review.  The Duck Spring Rolls were worth the travel. The Black Pasta did not live up to its past.  The Burrata was ok.  Hanger Steak was ok but should have been a little better and the mashed potatoes should have been made from fresh potatoes. Oh, well.  Until next time!

This experience took place at

244 E 79th St
New York, NY 10075
(212) 537-7745

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