Gaucho Grill in White Plains, NY – An Argentinean Odyssey

I found myself at Gaucho Grill in White Plains, NY, one night. Gaucho Grill is an Argentinean Steakhouse. I had been to this restaurant before for business and decided to revisit with a friend. It was late and I had already eaten dinner. Instead of an entrée, I ordered dessert. I guess that was mistake number 1. The waiter gave me a look, seemingly disapproving of my choice. No matter. My friend ordered Argentinean Churrasco and received approving looks. That was mistake number 2, having a friend who ordered the right dish.

I ordered a Flour-Less Chocolate Mouse. Came this cylindrical looking brown glob. I dug into it and thought it tasted all right. I offered my friend to try some; that was mistake number 3. He said his mom’s chocolate mousse is better than this one. Urgh.

Argentinean Churrasco: Classic Argentinean skirt steak with chimichurri sauce. Mistake number 4 is for the steak to taste great and for you to wish you had ordered it instead. The Churrasco here has always been consistent and the chimichurri sauce accented well.

It was an interesting experience where my order did not sync up with that of a friend. The whole dinner and dessert combo did not work too well separately. No wonder the waitstaff disapproved. Other than my series of errors, the food was good enough to repeat (minus the flourless chocolate mousse). Lesson learned: When you go to an Argentinean steakhouse, you order an Argentinean steak. Simple as that.

This experience took place at

Gaucho Grill
One North Broadway
White Plains, New York 10601
phone: 914.437.9966

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