Kalbi House in White Plains NY – Korean Dolsot Bibimbap

I have been jonesing for some Bibimbap, one of my favorite Korean dishes. Spending a month in Taiwan this Summer never led me to a Korean restaurant. You would think that at least the geographic proximity would make the cuisine more popular but not so. I had to come back to New York to get my fix. This Sat I went to the Kalbi House in White Plains to try the stone pot Bibimbap or Dolsot Bibimbap.

The side dishes that automatically accompany a meal in a Korean restaurant. All very yummy and if the American salad were more like this, I could eat it everyday. The Korean side dishes have umami when compared to most of the American salads that always make me feel like a horse eating hay.

Dolsot Bibimbap: This is how the Bibimbap looked when it first came. Isn’t it beautiful? Look at the egg!
Dolsot Bibimbap:
Here is how it looked after I mixed everything together and added the chili pepper paste. Because the rice is in a stone pot that came hot, the rice was crispy and slightly browned at bottom. The rice was also in chunks. When you mix the rice, you get both the softness of the rice and the brown and crunchy pieces from the bottom. I absolutely loved it!!! 🙂

Jo Gae Tang: Clam and vegetable in broth casserole.  Look at how big the clams are and how fresh.

Nabeyaki Udon:
Because we were in a Korean restaurant, Japanese food were also on the menu!(?) I really don’t get this fusion approach. It really confuses the issue. Please stick to what you do best and don’t give a bastardized version of the Japanese Nabeyaki Udon. In all fairness, it was not bad but it was not authentic.

Overall, I was very happy with this experience and will definitely return to try the famous Korean BBQ, their broiled fish, Korean pancake, rice cake in broth, and nakji bokkeum (stir-fried mini octopus in red chili sauce)! See how I already picked up my five meals at the Kalbi House.  Thumbs up!

This experience took place at

Kalbi House
291 Central Ave
White Plains, NY 10606

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