Für Elise by Beethoven- Played by Garbage Trucks in Taiwan

Taiwan has class. The garbage trucks play Für Elise composed by Beethoven every night when they pick up the trash. The trash collection is very different in Taiwan. There is no curb side pick up. There are no dumpsters. You bring your trash to the truck when you hear the music. You line up at the designated collection point in your area. You bring trash, sorted into regular trash, recycled items, and compost.

It always happens at night.
Here is the sorting of a building recycled items while the truck is there.

Area residents bringing their recycled items to the truck to be compressed.

Here are the composting bins. You bring your kitchen scraps and any organic compost and dump them into the appropriate bins. It looked a little messy and liquidy to me. Gloves please.

It was weird to be snapping photos while people were taking care of their trash. People line up to take turns with the various trucks.  It was a very orderly and quiet business, conducted under the dim street lights as you can see from the photo, while listening to classical music.

What do you think of this process? I am not a fan of hauling my trash out at 8:30pm at night but am impressed by the composting offering and the classical music the trucks play. It gives a whole new meaning to Beethoven’s romanticism. 🙂

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