A Civilized Experience at the Westin Hotel Taipei

Have I complained how hot it is in Taiwan yet?  Averages in the high 90s in July and August, with high humidity and a possibility of thunderstorm most days.  The sun is bright and always on top of you. In the first few days, I was a sun seeker: tank top, short shorts, just taking in the glorious warmth.  Soon after, the parasol or the “sunbrella” quickly opens up as the first ray of sun hits my shoulders.  Coupled the sun with walking being the primary mode of transportation, I am constantly seeking a nicely furnished place to duck in that has a strong AC and without mosquitos.  That’s why the experience at the Westin Hotel the other day felt so civilized.

This is the tower of desserts. They may look beautiful and up to par for being tasty desserts. But my verdict is that they are better looking than tasting.

The tower of desserts were served to us while we sat in this cushioned, fluffy big sofa while looking out to a Japanese garden with a waterfall feature and a pond while AC strongly blasting cold air at us. Just superb!

Who can resist a heart-felt hot chocolate?

For those who are hungry, this is the most tasty sandwich in a civilized afternoon tea setting in the city of Taipei.

I live like the locals when I am in Taiwan.  I go to small noodle stands without AC, sit by the side of the road.  I go to small restaurants that has not updated their decor since they first opened and with their AC cover on the floor.   I go to the nigh market and farmer’s market and eat things on a stick and out of plastic bags. These are fresh, delicious and extremely yummy food at an incredible price.  But they lack ambience and the comfort that I am used to in the States.

I also walk everywhere in Taipei and that means sweating and soaking through whatever I am wearing during all the walks.  It was a nice change of scenario to be  in the Westin for a slow afternoon, enjoying the beauty of the dessert and the AC.

I highly recommend the Elite Concept Cafe at the Westin Hotel Taipei, especially if you go with a friend who is a member of the Westin Hotel and has a discount card where the entire afternoon spent with eight middle school friends turned out to be only a little more than $10 per person.

This experience took place at the

Elite Concept Café


133 Nanjing East Road, Section 3

Taipei,104 Taiwan


Phone: (886)(2) 8770 6565

2 thoughts on “A Civilized Experience at the Westin Hotel Taipei”

  1. I remember in Home Ec. class a few months ago our teacher was teaching us how Western Cafes in Taiwan serve those towers of food and how there are sweet and salty levels. I just thought it was pretty interesting because in high schools in the US we don’t learn about foreign foods at all…


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