Seeking Plain Food in a Gourmet City

My zealousness during the first week in Taipei, Taiwan landed me with some digestive discomfort.  I felt bad enough that I stayed away from the spicy and the spices in the past few days.  I must say that seeking plain food in a city that is known for delicacies of all kinds was pretty challenging.  So you be the judge on how plain the foods are.

Steamed white rice with scallops, seaweed, carrots, and green sprouts

Steamed white rice with grilled eel, sweet sauce, sesame, seaweed and ginger

White rice in a stone pot served with cod roe, tea, seaweed, and green scallion

Udon noodles in dashi broth with seaweed and mashed daikon

Chinese buns.  One of my least favorite foods but it is simple carbohydrate and very plain. I was on this plus black tea for two days!!  I did not bother to take a picture of the buns I ate.  The photo here is from  I am sure their buns are very delicious for other people.

No fluff white rice with little fish on top.

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I am a New Yorker who flies home to Taiwan in the Summer. I absolutely believe food is one of the most pleasurable things in life. Hence, my chronicle of anticipated glorious food experiences.

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