Wanderlust Edinburgh, Scotland- Porridge and Crumpets for Breakfast. Happy Hump Day! 

On this September morning of Yom Kippur, I recall the warm breakfast experience I had at Edinburgh, Scotland. Porridge and crumpets! Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day – hmm, for me, every meal is important but I especially enjoy breakfast. It signifies a new beginning and I get to decide how I fuel my engine. There is nothing better than combining an excellent workout with a sumptuous breakfast. Good morning, world!
Traditional Scottish Porridge – I was jet lagged when I had this. Just arrived at Edinburgh in the morning after seven hours in the air with little sleep overnight. This was made with water. Honey, cinnamon, and sultana raisins were added. It felt like the most perfect breakfast at that time. This took place at a little place called Deacon’s House Cafe, next to St. Giles’ Cathedral.Plain porridge from the Apex Waterloo Hotel. You needed to add spices to make this more interesting.
Crumpets from the Apex Waterloo Hotel’s continental breakfast. Love it. Wish there are crumpets like these near where I live. My last crumpet experience was those from Trader’s Joe’s. It is no comparison. These crumpets from Edinburgh win. Put a little butter and blackberry jam on the crumpets. Yum. Yum. Yum.
My other selections from the continental breakfast. Apex Waterloo Hotel has some great attributes such as this. But they also suck at handling emergencies. There was a fire alarm at 1:43am one night… There was inability to accommodate my extended stay due to a cancelled flight and made no effort to even assist. Poor poor customer service. The Scottish people much like the Asians in Asia seem to be so in the box. They recited the rules to me and just waited for me to agree. Laughable indeed.

To warp this up, I love the Scottish porridge and British crumpets for breakfast. Highly recommend both places for breakfast. Writing of this post makes me really hungry… I am going to make myself a nice English muffin with peanut butter or blackberry jam now.

Happy Yom Kippur. Happy Wednesday. And Happy Hump Day!

This experience took place at

Deacon House Cafe
304 Lawnmarket, Old Town,
Edinburgh EH1 2PS, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 131 226 1894

Apex Waterloo Hotel
23-27 Waterloo Place
Edinburgh EH1 3BH, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 131 523 1819

Wanderlust Edinburgh, Scotland- Haggis! Sheep’s Pluck… Heart, Liver, Lungs, Brain and more

When I was leaving for Edinburgh, I was not sure what kind of food adventure I would have. After all, it’s Scotland and I have not heard great things about food in the UK. But a friend assured me that Scotland has come a long way since that common perception. Boy, was I in for a huge surprise. After four days in Edinburgh, I now consider Haggis, Scotland’s national dish, as one of my favorite foods! #Haggis

Haggis, according to the locals, is made from all things sheep: heart, lungs, liver, brain, stomach, and intestines. Sounds a bit off-putting, right? No way. Everything is grounded up, seasoned beautifully depending on where it’s made. There is the whisky sauce; there is the pepper sauce; there is no sauce and just down right yummy. I was a complete Haggis whore. I loved it. I can totally see why Scotland has giant men and women. This is food for the giants: tasty and nourishing.
The brown cake at upper right corner is the Haggis. This is breakfast Haggis from the Elliot Restaurant & Bar at the Apex Waterloo Hotel (1) in the quieter part of Edinburgh. £13.95 for Continental Breakfast with Haggis.
This is Haggis sitting on top of mashed potatoes (tatties) with pepper sauce from the Rose & Crown Pub (2) in the center of Edinburgh. £6.95
This is divine Haggis on top of mashed turnips and tatties with the whisky sauce from Black Bull Pub (3) in the old town.  £8.75
Hiding under the toasts are Haggis from Gathering Restaurant & Lounge (4) in the Edinburgh Airport. £9.50

You see, I had Haggis in all kind of places. There was little research done on where I should go for Haggis but it was always excellent and mouth-watering. Listen, Haggis is nothing to be afraid of. It looks like meatloaf. The texture tastes a bit like meatloaf but better, crunchier and more moist. The flavor is outstanding (and to die for). I was told that the Haggis from Hadrian’s in the Balmoral Hotel on Prince Street is the best for fancy eating but the idiotic restaurant and the concierge would not let me do a take out. The Scots definitely live inside the box.

Regardless… the Scots sure know their Haggis and know how to satisfy. Haggis is now on my last meal list. It was such a memorable and delicious experience.

I LOVE HAGGIS. #LoveHaggis

This experience took place at

      1. Elliot’s Restaurant & Bar @ Apex Waterloo Hotel
        23-27 Waterloo Place Edinburgh EH1 3BH UK | +44 131 523 1660
      2. Rose & Crown
        170 Rose St, West End, Edinburgh EH2 4BA, United Kingdom | +44 131 225 4039
      3. Black Bull Pub
        12 Grassmarket, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 2JU, United Kingdom | +44 131 225 6636
      4. Gathering Restaurant & Lounge
        Edinburgh Airport after security | +44 0131 333 0864

Wanderlust Edinburgh- Departing Tonight

I am at the Newark Airport, waiting to depart for Edinburgh, Scotland. This is going to be a quickie trip, in and out in short three days. I hope to see the castle, hear the cute Scottish accent, eat Haggis, and try the world famous Whiskey.

Isn’t this cool? I’m having Banh Mi sandwich for dinner. I love New York!


Come with me in the next few days and find out what Edinburgh is all about. Wanderlust continues for the gypsy.