Provence En Boîte in Brooklyn, NY- A French Bistro with Average Food 

I was stuck on this post for more than one week, partly due to laziness but partly because there just isn’t that much to say. This feels like blasphemy for Provence En Boîte owned by chef Jean-Jacques Bernat. This is a small French bistro known for the chef and its desserts.

Escargots: snails, “beurre persille” Decent – almost as good as that of my ex French mother-in-law. This is proof that one doesn’t need to be a chef or own a restaurant to make good escargots.

Potato and Leek Soup: this is one of my favorite soup and this dish tonight was satisfying and authentic.

Burger and Fries: this was mine. I was in the mood for red meat and unfortunately it was just ok. It was technically proficient but not highly engaging for me.

Merguez Sandwich: merguez is one of my favorites – no, it is my most favorite sausage. But this merguez is not spicy nor terribly tasty. In fact, this was not the first time I had the merguez at this restaurant. The last time I was there, my ex husband argued with the chef on how this merguez is not authentically Algerian. Of course, the chef thought he knew better.  See what a good merguez sandwich really should be like, click here.

No name fish with ratatouille – this meal happened in the beginning of May and I didn’t take notes. Sorry!

Overall, this meal was average. I would return if I lived in the neighborhood or have a function to attend. Otherwise, it is not worth the trip.

This experience took place at

Provence En Boîte
263 Smith St,
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 797-0707

Merguez Sandwiches at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal: Boucherie An-Nasr

I was introduced to the merguez sausages years ago in Marrakech. Merguez is a sausage made from a combination of lamb and beef, originated from North Africa and has since became very popular in France. The type that I really love is the Algerian merguez which is spicy and gives out a smoky mutton flavor. I have now put merguez on my last meal list.

Because Montreal is highly French, this is where I get my merguez fill. I found this sandwich place at the Jean-Talon Market place. Although it is called Boucherie An-Nasr, it is only a sandwich place as far as I can tell. I also figured out where they get their merguez links – that butcher shop will be featured in an upcoming post.

A good look at the sandwich: two links of merguez, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onions and some of their special sauce in a baguette, panini style.  The whole ensemble sings!

Here is another look at the sandwich plus the fries. The fries are nothing special but the merguez is truly the hero and worthy of a 6-hour-drive from NY to Montreal.

Here are the beautiful additions to the sandwich.

This sandwich shop also carries a variety of spices, jams, and tea with Arabic writing. I would very much like to try them all slowly, one by one.


I cannot stress how much love I have for this sausage. It is just me. 🙂 Please check out this little shop if you are ever in the area. The owners are rather nice – the last time I was there, I had a pleasant conversation/debate on whether Montreal is truly a bilingual city. The company is as good as their merguez sausage.

This experience took place at

Boucherie An-Nasr
250 Place du Marché-du-Nord
Montreal, QC H2S 1A1
Phone number (514) 278-2424