Zenzo Sushi in Mamaroneck, NY – A Ranking of Mamaroneck Ave Asian Fusion Restaurants 

There are four Asian Fusion restaurants in Mamaroneck, NY and I have been to all of them now with Zenzo Sushi rounding up the end of the list. Each has its own uniqueness. Below is a quick summary of them. Click on the name below to read my past reviews.

  • Red Plum – the least expensive and probably the most fusion (bastardized) version of Asian food
  • Haiku – the middle of the road, balancing the fusion with the traditional. I was pleasantly surprised by their specials of Chinese Soup Dumplings… Almost as good as those in Flushing but much closer geographically to home
  • Ginban – Decent food. Friendly staff, caters to families. Big on presentation. A tie with Haiku.
  • Zenzo – The surprising winner with a strong selection of sashimi. Worth returning to try other non raw items that are on the menu. We went off menu and simply ordered whatever we fancied.

Sashimi: Hamachi (Yellowtail), Toro (Fatty Tuna), Maguro (Tuna), and Hotatekai (Scallop). The presentation was clean and elegant. Sushi: Uni (Sea urchin), Ikura (Salmon Roe).

This experience took place at

Zenzo Sushi

328 Mamaroneck Ave
Mamaroneck, NY 10543


Molly Spillane’s in Mamaroneck, NY – Generically Good Pub Food

I have been writing this blog since last July. It has become a little stale and boring for me. I have been thinking of changing it up and writing differently. Some readers have suggested that I write more about the atmosphere of the restaurant; some want SAT vocabulary and more complex sentence structures; some want the same short posts with no changes; some want ratings and better pictures; some want more of my personality.

I am going to experiment here and write whatever I feel like. Please feel free to comment and let me know how you like it.
Molly Spillane’s on Mamaroneck Ave is nothing special. I picked it because I was meeting a new friend who may have very generic mid-west taste. So I figure pub food is a safe choice. And it was.

STEAK SANDWICH: Grilled flat iron steak sliced & topped with sautéed onions & mozzarella cheese on a ciabatta roll. The photo does not show the close up of the cheese on the steak. The sandwich looked like it was made yesterday. My friend was hesitant to bite into it. Luckily, the quote from my friend is “It looks ugly but it’s awesome!”  How often can we say that about people and things? A surprising inner beauty of a steak sandwich?

CHICKEN AVOCADO SALAD: Mango & citrus marinated chicken breast over mixed greens with tomatoes, avocado & fresh fruit served with a light vinaigrette dressing. For rabbit food or Westchester skinny women food, this was not too bad. The chicken was grilled to the point that it was very chewy. The avocado was not ripe enough yet. But who cares. Good fat is still good fat.

The downside of Molly Spillane’s is that the wait staff was not so great and one of the young boys had an attitude. The upside of Molly Spillane’s is that it is a pretty generic restaurant and if your standards are not super high, Molly will do. Just like many things in life – all you need to do is lower your expectations and they all seem like winners.  It’s generically American.

This experience took place at

Molly Spillane’s
211 Mamaroneck Ave.
Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Tel: 914 899 3130
E-Mail: mollyspillanes@gmail.com