Water Spinach, Pork Belly and Roasted Duck

Typhoon Matmo battered Taipei last night and this morning.  The wind howled and shook the windows.  The rain poured heavily.  Schools and most of the stores were closed for the day.  After everything was back to normal this afternoon, I ventured out and found this nice restaurant less than one block away from where I am staying this Summer.

地址:台北市大安區四維路170巷27號 電話:( 02 ) 2708-6786‧0968-647-768‧
It’s a Hong Kongese style restaurant where they serve mostly roasted meats such as pork, duck, chicken, sausages, and with lamb thrown in for good measures.  Lamb is usually not a part of the Hong Kongese cuisine.  Lamb is more popular in northern China.

Other than the meats, they stir fried a very mean and crunchy water spinach!  Although I enjoyed the roasted meat, the water spinach was my favorite dish of the night.

This is pork belly with tofu and pickled vegetables.

This is roasted duck.

Wonton Soup and Taiwanese Bolognese Noodles, 餛飩湯和滷肉麵

At Danshui for lunch, we found this tiny store front that was opened for lunch before 11am on a Sunday. After we made our way up the narrow stairs, we sat down to a nice bowl of wonton soup and a bowl of Taiwanese style Bolognese noodles. Simply, yum is the word. It’s just right.