Veggies and Fruits in Marché Jean-Talon in Montreal

I had a week’s worth of meat posts from the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. It is only fair to show my readers the vibrancy of the colorful fruits and veggies from the same market. On my first trip to Jean-Talon a few years ago, I was so impressed by their fruits and vegetable that I bought a week’s worth of grocery and brought them back to NY. Included in my purchase is a five-pound bag of beets! I stored them in the garage through the winter and ate them. That was how good those veggies looked to me. Below is a sample of this October trip. #Jean-TalonMarket






This experience took place at

Marché Jean-Talon
7070 Avenue Henri Julien
Montréal, Québec H2S 3S3

Taiwanese Style: Sour Plum Drink, 紅酸梅湯

You don’t usually see this in the US.  This drink is both sour and sweet and sends a chill down your spin – a mild version of the liquid Wasabi drink, if you can imagine it.  Not spicy though! This is made from the concentrate of the pickled plum or ume.  In Chinese, it’s 酸梅.

If you are ever in the country and brave enough to try it, go to any Seven Eleven and look for them at the bottom refrigerated shelf, hidden next to the other unusual drinks Taiwan has to offer. Enjoy!

Curious about ume or 酸梅?
Ume Wikipedia
酸梅 Wikipedia

My Beloved Fruit, Wax Apple 蓮霧

Growing up in the city center of Kaohsiung, we were lucky enough to look into the backyard of one of our neighbors who had a wax apple tree. It was the only tree that stood in the center of their yard. Looking down from our kitchen window as a seven-year-old, the tree seemed enormous and green. Wax apple is one of my fondest memories of Taiwan. I associated it with the warm Spring weather, bright sunshine, green leaves and the juicy juicy taste that makes me dream of Taiwan.

The season of the Wax Apple in Taiwan is around April and I never return in April. Sadly, this photo is no comparison to the glorious fruit that is embedded in my memory.

Curious about wax apples?