Japanese Candies II

My friend Ruth from Salt Lake City was inspired by my post on Japanese Candies in Taiwan, she up and bought me some Japanese candies and have them shipped to NY from Japan! Thank you, Ruth!  Needless to say, I was very happy when I got them in the mail.

They taste like the drinks that are pictured on the package.

This is a shiitake mushroom flavored candy that I found at the bottom of my carry on when I cleared it out for school. It felt like I just found a long-lost friend and brought back the sunshine and the sweet sensation of the Taiwanese summer.

Love Life.  Let’s bottle this moment and savor it for the long New York Winter.

Japanese Candies in Taiwan

Not until my last week in Taiwan did I get on the bandwagon of the Japanese candies. Boy, have I been missing out! In Taipei, you can easily find this store, 日藥本舖 in underground malls and major commercial streets. When I finally came upon this long wall of Japanese candies, I was intrigued.

This is what childhood is supposed to look like: colorful packaging, interesting graphics in a language you don’t understand, and the sweet and delicious candies hidden inside. There were way too many to choose from. I had to restrain myself. Mind you, I am a big fan of chocolate but have been looking down on candies thinking they were not worthy of my calorie counts. Japanese candies have changed my mind. They will be considered as a food group going forward.

The store I went is located here:




No. 365, Section 2, Heping East Rd, Daan District Taipei City, Taiwan 106