Cellar 49 in Tarrytown, NY- A Weird Basement Restaurant in an Estate Mansion

I found myself at Cellar 49 in Tarrytown, NY. This is the on site restaurant for Tarrytown House Estate and Conference Center, one of the Destination Hotels. This was a completely weird experience. The estate is large and well-manicured; the restaurant is located in the basement or the wine cellar of this majestic old house. All sounds great so far, right? image For a 8:30pm dinner, there were no other diner in the restaurant. The servers had nothing to do and were way too friendly. See this little hut in the photo? It was built to block the entrance to the kitchen. The picture in the middle of the wooden wall blocks the window into the kitchen.imageWINGS / sweet chili or honey buffalo. Surprise! These honey buffalo wings were excellent. Not really spicy but they were fried perfectly and seasoned with enough sugar to keep me going until tomorrow morning.imageBABY BEETS / smoked / yogurt / candied cashews / herb puree. Interesting plating and concept. Liked the color play but the beets were not seasoned properly. The herb puree did absolutely nothing.imageSMOKED PORK CHOP / grits / chard / peach preserves. The glaze and the execution were what made the dish stand out. The meat was tender, juicy and sweet- like all good tropical fruits. I was impressed by how tender it was because this chop was thick and wide.imageDUCK TACOS / chorizo / onion slaw. The concept was intriguing and worthy. The execution was terrible. The duck was dry. The combination of duck and taco was a no go. Did not taste the chorizo – perhaps it was masked in the slaw.

Although we were the only ones in the restaurant, the noise level was intolerable. The loud conversations from the bar were piped directly into the restaurant space. It was not just loud, it was crystal clear. I heard the entire conversation about someone they know between a woman and the server.

Overall, the food was a little awesome when they hit it right; when they didn’t, it was disappointing. Out of the four dishes, two were excellent. The entire experience of eating at a restaurant alone in the basement of an estate mansion while listening to loud conversations next door was just weird. I wonder how destination hotels stay in business with no one dining in their restaurants.

This experience took place at

Cellar 49
Tarrytown House Estate and Conference Center

49 E Sunnyside Ln,
Tarrytown, NY 10591
Phone:(914) 591-3183

Cafe of Love in Mount Kisco, NY- Closing Out September, The Month of Atonement

Today is the last day of September, the month of atonement. Yom Kippur, known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day in Judaism and is usually in September. I am not Jewish but have always found the concept of atonement interesting. Why do people have the desire to atone for their sins and how far will people go to atone for their sins or seek forgiveness? Is apologizing enough? Is making amends enough? When will one be resolved of her sins? When should one forgive herself? Can one truly forgive herself for the errors of the past? I am closing out the month with more questions than answers.

Separately remembering the late Summer days – when I went to Cafe of Love in Mount Kisco, NY in late August, they were still serving the Summer menu. I am happy to see that three dishes out of the four below are no longer available on the dinner menu. I enjoy a restaurant that changes up their menu according to the seasonal available ingredients. Cafe of Love says that they are where the “local New American Cuisine takes farm-to-table ingredients on a global adventure.”
Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho with apricot-balsamic glaze. Cooling and summer-like with chunks of tomatoes, perfect for a late August dinner.
Tuna Carpaccio with sliced radish
Bison Burger with tomato and onion on challah bun with fries. The Bison was unfortunately over-cooked. It was not the medium I ordered. The fries were pretty decent for being the thick-cut fries that they are.
John Fazio Duck: pan-seared breast & confit, roasted potatoes, figs, sautéed mustard greens

Overall the food was above average and worth a repeat visit. More importantly, if you know any of the answers on atonement, please leave me a comment. I have been told that I should forgive myself and let go of the regrets. Don’t let me ponder the big philosophical questions by myself – not only do they take away my appetite, they also suck all the joy out of life!

This experience took place at

Cafe of Love

38 Main St
Mt Kisco, NY 10549
Phone:(914) 242-1002

Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry, NY – A Sunday Afternoon Treat

A friend and I on a whim decided to go to Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry, NY, for a late Sunday lunch partaking in the gorgeous Hudson River view. Today was particularly sunny for NY and when the sun hits the river, it created this shimmering effect on the river. What a glorious afternoon sitting on the deck looking at the water flowing by and discussing the importance of being true to self.

The view of Hudson River flowing south. The photo cannot adequately depict the feel of the sun on my skin, the calmness of the river and a good friend’s company. It really was much better than the picture.

The bread basket had little fatty mini corn muffins, croissants and French orange jam. Nice!

I was extra hungry today because I felt I earned my big lunch after a long workout this morning. This is the Crew’s Ration; this is as lumber jack as I get. It was fine but I believe the view really enhanced the taste quite a bit.

My friend ordered a Caesar Salad with Shrimp. A safe and healthy choice. She was pretty happy with it.

The best part was the view. The food was absolutely the secondary focus. This is a great place to take a date to, especially for those who need to impress a new friend. 🙂

Bon Appetit! Wish you all had a Sunday as great as mine was today.  Love to ALL!

This experience took place at

Half Moon on Hudson
1 High Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522