Equus in the Castle Hotel & Spa, Tarrytown, NY- Outstanding Food and Service

Castle Hotel and Spa in Tarrytown, NY is such a beautiful place. It is a picture perfect fairy tale hotel – a corner room at top of the castle with windows on two sides overlooking the Hudson River at sunset. I felt like Rapunzel letting down my hair and letting my prince up. The Equus restaurant is really something – deserves a top rating and review. It was perfect… even the French fries.

Unfortunately, this meal was eaten so long ago that these items have rotated off their current Summer menu. I had to reconstruct the meal from pictures and memory.imageFrench Fries, like the authentic fries from the good French bistros.imageSome sort of squash soup. This was delicious. I remember the taste and smoothness but not the ingredients.imageLobster Salad with foam. Also excellent. The lobster was tender. image Lamb… I really regret not writing the ingredients down. This was the best dish of the night and possibly the best lamb that I have had this year. I remember being surprised at how good it is and how impressed I was. The dish itself when described to me sounded heavy but it turned out to be just right. The grain that accompanied the lamb balanced out the red meat well. It was so good that I thought of thanking the chef!imageCobb Salad: Avocado, Bacon, Cucumber, Onion, Blue Cheese, Shrimp. Good and fresh.

Well worth the money. Outstanding food and service. Outstanding hotel and staff. Highly recommend both.

This experience took place at

Castle Hotel & Spa
400 Benedict Avenue
Tarrytown, NY 10591

Cellar 49 in Tarrytown, NY- A Weird Basement Restaurant in an Estate Mansion

I found myself at Cellar 49 in Tarrytown, NY. This is the on site restaurant for Tarrytown House Estate and Conference Center, one of the Destination Hotels. This was a completely weird experience. The estate is large and well-manicured; the restaurant is located in the basement or the wine cellar of this majestic old house. All sounds great so far, right? image For a 8:30pm dinner, there were no other diner in the restaurant. The servers had nothing to do and were way too friendly. See this little hut in the photo? It was built to block the entrance to the kitchen. The picture in the middle of the wooden wall blocks the window into the kitchen.imageWINGS / sweet chili or honey buffalo. Surprise! These honey buffalo wings were excellent. Not really spicy but they were fried perfectly and seasoned with enough sugar to keep me going until tomorrow morning.imageBABY BEETS / smoked / yogurt / candied cashews / herb puree. Interesting plating and concept. Liked the color play but the beets were not seasoned properly. The herb puree did absolutely nothing.imageSMOKED PORK CHOP / grits / chard / peach preserves. The glaze and the execution were what made the dish stand out. The meat was tender, juicy and sweet- like all good tropical fruits. I was impressed by how tender it was because this chop was thick and wide.imageDUCK TACOS / chorizo / onion slaw. The concept was intriguing and worthy. The execution was terrible. The duck was dry. The combination of duck and taco was a no go. Did not taste the chorizo – perhaps it was masked in the slaw.

Although we were the only ones in the restaurant, the noise level was intolerable. The loud conversations from the bar were piped directly into the restaurant space. It was not just loud, it was crystal clear. I heard the entire conversation about someone they know between a woman and the server.

Overall, the food was a little awesome when they hit it right; when they didn’t, it was disappointing. Out of the four dishes, two were excellent. The entire experience of eating at a restaurant alone in the basement of an estate mansion while listening to loud conversations next door was just weird. I wonder how destination hotels stay in business with no one dining in their restaurants.

This experience took place at

Cellar 49
Tarrytown House Estate and Conference Center

49 E Sunnyside Ln,
Tarrytown, NY 10591
Phone:(914) 591-3183

The Twisted Oak in Tarrytown, NY- Rich, Sweet, Tasty, and Lush Panna Cotta

I was at The Twisted Oak in Tarrytown, waiting for a friend and sampling some of their highly rated dishes on Yelp. I have mixed review on the below dishes. But before I begin, I must say that the Twisted Oak needs a new website. They don’t have a full menu online which is frustrating for a blogger like me. I searched and searched.

Fried Chickpeas: This is a popular dish and highly rated on yelp. It’s finger food and not that much better than a bag of Saffron Road’s Falafel Crunchy Chickpeas.

Seared Sea Scallops on top of arugula. This was great. High quality scallops seared to perfection. The bitterness of the arugula contrasted well with the slightly sweet scallops and carrots. Wonderfully delicious.

Panna Cotta – This was enjoyable, rich, sweet, tasty, and lush. I wish I had the menu to show you the ingredients of the dessert. I was really happy. Worth the calories.

Will return but will carefully select the right appetizer. A bonus – the bartender was in the Peace Corps in Africa for two years helping small business, which made a captivating conversion at the bar.

This experience took place at

The Twisted Oak
61 Main St
Tarrytown, NY 10591
(914) 332-1992

RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen in Tarrytown, NY – Post Holiday Work Fun

This is my first entry in February, after a month-long absence. I hope all my readers have missed me terribly and have been out eating on my behalf. I know I have – some exciting posts coming up!

Back in January, my CMO took the entire department out for a post holiday luncheon at the RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen in Tarrytown, NY. This restaurant is located closed to the Hudson River and has a great view of the river from the dinning room. #HudsonRiverView  The food is #NewAmericanCuisine that appeals to both the common and the slightly snobby. I count myself in the middle of that spectrum but according my BBFs at work, I am at the far end of the snobby when it comes to food. I feel rather misunderstood.

A menu especially picked for our department. Great job, Andrea and Kerri.

This is one of the Hors d’oeuvres: mozzarella, tomato and olive pizzetta. Mmm. Just ok.

Lobster Bisque with warm seafood salad crostini. The bisque tasted watery (in a good way) and filled with sea flavors. There is a bit of saffron in the soup. Pieces of lobster and the crostini added texture and substance.

This is the Gnocchi or according to my CMO – “Yoncchi.Gnocchi with Stone Broke Farm’s 100% grass-fed beef bolognese, roasted hen of the woods mushrooms. Other than the witty banter I had on the “yoncchi,” this dish was completely not redeemable. The texture was weird. It felt like I was eating cardboard instead of a carbohydrate.

Steak Sandwich with Sugar Hill Farm hanger stake, vidalia onion with confit, locally foraged mushrooms, house-made focaccia, and fries. I chuckled at this menu description. I wondered if the restaurant foraged the mushrooms right outside near the Hudson River, next to the parking lot where homeless men pee. This is marketing that has gone too far and too bohemian.  According to my peeps who had this dish, it was delish –  not a verifiable fact since not all tasters are created equal.

Panna Cotta with Meyer lemon, Battenkill Valley buttermilk, white chocolate crumble, marinated blueberries. Passable but not great. Too sweet and the sweetness drowned out any subtlty from the berries or the lemon. This is a 5 out of 10. For a better panna cotta with berry experience, click here.

Chocolate “Mousse” with cocoa nib crumble, caramel gelée, chocolate oil, and milk sorbet. Looks good in the photo, right? The eaters rated it a 3 out of 10. Ouch.  Double ouch.

Bread Pudding with chocolate croissant, vanilla custard, warm bourbon sauce. This is rated a 6 or 7 by Dave who loves his mom’s bread pudding. But thanks to Dave, I had partook in his pudding and I rated this solidly a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10.

This luncheon was great because I had fun with my colleagues and had a sweet glass of Sancerre Rosé. We had a great debate on adjectives such as edgy, provocative, and contemporary. Unfortunately, the food went downhill quickly after the Lobster Bisque. Would I return? Maybe. The bar at the restaurant is inviting and the list of alcohol is extensive.  The place is contemporary but not provocative nor edgy.  🙂

This experience took place at

RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen
127 West Main Street
Tarrytown, NY 10591
Phone:(914) 631-3100