Madison Kitchen in Larchmont, NY- Horrible Acoustics. Never to Return.

I run into trouble from time to time when I don’t document my meal well. It’s much tougher for me to recall something I did not order or eat. My memories of food is a combination of the senses. If left only to visually recalling the dish, I tend to do a poor job. Unfortunately. Madison Kitchen is one of these cases. I went with a friend who does not share food.

However, the real problem with this meal at Madison Kitchen in Larchmont, NY is the acoustics. The acoustics in the restaurant was horrible. HORRIBLE. The sound from conversations was amplified to such an extend that my friend and I were unable to hear each other when sitting cross at a small table. Yet we could so clearly hear the conversation from the other side of the restaurant. Shouting did not help. Regardless of the food, I will never return again to a restaurant that has the noise level comparable to a night club. Parmesan cheese bread. Warm and crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. It’s the perfect bread. Hummus, olive oil and butter for the bread. Lovely still. I believe this is the ENDIVE SALAD: Belgian Endive, Ripe Pear, Stilton Blue Cheese, Walnuts. Did not taste this salad.GRILLED OCTOPUS: Red Watercress Salad, Roasted Chick Peas, Squid Ink Black Hummus, Lemon Vinaigrette. I love octopus so on that front a well-grilled octopus dish always wins. But I have gotta say that I have had better. The ink did not do anything spectacular. The octopus from Salt & Fat in Brooklyn was executed in a very similar fashion but was much better. Click here for the post on Salt & Fat and here for my impromptu ranking of grilled octopus. Sadly, this dish by Madison Kitchen was not memorable. EVIL CAJUN JAMBALAYA: Duck, Shrimp, Andouille Sausage, Creole Sauce, Okra, Dirty Rice. I did not taste this dish but I understand that the rice was dry. Not outstanding. This was the pasta special that night. I enjoyed the pasta tremendously. The fettuccine was homemade and it was heavenly. Loved the bouncy texture; just the right amount of gluten. The simple tomato, a few pieces of bacon and grated cheese were absolutely delicious. I loved it.

There are some good qualities from Madison Kitchen. They know what they are doing with the food. Regrettably, with that acoustic issue, no one shall return unless the restaurant is empty. The noises were so over-whelming that I wanted to quickly finish the meal so I could leave. My ears were so much happier in the empty parking lot.

This experience took place at

Madison Kitchen

7 Madison Ave,
Larchmont, NY 10538
Phone:(914) 732-3024

Wraps and Things in Larchmont, NY – Find Your Perfect Match with Fresh Ingredients

It has been one month and eight days since my last post. I am about 20 posts behind and I figure the only way to catch up is to get straight to the point. Wraps and Things resides at the corner of Palmer and Larchmont Ave in Larchmont, NY. When I was a full-time mom and my child went to the French American School of New York, I used to go there with fellow moms. Never found it great until my recent visit.

They don’t have a web site and rely on the kindness of Google+, Yelp and UrbanSpoon. It’s a very small location with only 4-5 tables. It’s mostly a take out joint.

This is the $6.50 Roast Beef with Swiss cheese, Russian salad dressing, sun-dried tomatoes, green-leaf lettuce on a flour tortilla.

This is the special that day. Blacked salmon, avocado, spinach, squash and tomatoes on jalapeño tortilla. I don’t remember how much it was (this was back in early April), maybe $8?

These two wraps did not sound special. I was skeptical when my drummer friend, Joe, decided to go there for lunch. Not until I re-experienced the wraps did I realize how fresh the ingredients were. That was what made the wraps excellent. But you should figure out what you like though. Joe’s favorite – the roast beef was not such a great match for me. But the blackened salmon was a perfect match for me. I would love to have the kick from the jalapeño everyday.

Bottom line, good fresh ingredients. Find your wrap. It’s worth the drive.

This experience took place at

Wraps and Things
1936 Palmer Ave
Larchmont, NY 10538
(914) 833-7656

Regular Chef on Vacation? Encore Bistro Francais in Larchmont, N Y

Last night’s experience at Encore, a French bistro in a highly French populated town, Larchmont N Y, was a bust.  Mediocre at best. Dried grilled salmon, not true medium rare steak, and the waiter placed the check squarely in front of me vs. in front of my male companion. Where is the European chauvinism?  Urgh!

First, the French waiter was pushy and insisted three times that we can only choose a table of two.  Ok, buddy.  Heard you loud and clear.  No need to nag in that French accent.


Second , the supposedly medium rare steak was medium with very sad and light char on the outside. The cut of meat was also a bit fatty.


Third, my $26 grilled salmon was dried as a rock and tasteless that I barely touched it.  What a sharp contrast from the cheap handroll place on Wulong Street in Taipei, Taiwan.  For a mere $120NT or $4USD, it was grilled to perfection.  It had a nice char on the outside and the inside was succulent and juicy, not to mention hot when it was delivered to my table.  No seasoning was necessary on that beautiful piece of salmon.  Here in Larchmont, this grilled salmon from Encore was pathetic and definitely not worth the money, even if NY is supposed to be more expensive.  Here is me, spitting at that Encore grilled salmon via this post.


Lastly, this meal costs $68 in NY but in my opinion it only values at $5 bucks of real food money.  The regular chef must have been on vacation since I have had much better experiences before.

What a shame.

This experience took place at
Encore Bistro Francais
22 Chatsworth Ave, Larchmont, NY
(914) 833-1661  

Thumbs down.