Wanderlust Taiwan- RaoHe Street Night Market Visit 饒河街觀光夜市

This is my only visit to the night market this year. RaoHe Street Night Market, 饒河街觀光夜市, is famous for its food and as-seen-on-TV products. Click here to watch a Magic Comb demonstration from a night market vendor. Click here to read about my prior visit to Linjiang Street Night Market last year.

For those who have never been to an Asian night market, it’s hard to imagine the crowds, noises, smells, lights and the sights. The only thing that came close to the Asian night market is the Plaza Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech, Morocco. It’s an overwhelming experience of the senses.  The temple next to the entrance  A sign demonstrating the proper way of queuing for the stand. 
The queue was long and this was what everyone was waiting for, a Japanese snack from Osaka that looks like a cake and has layers of cabbage, bacon, eggs, and shrimps. Grilled on both side and topped with mayo, Bonita flakes and wasabi.Charcoal grilled abalones and escargots
Fried squid with a multitude of seasonings to choose from Plum candies Pig feet  Eggs cooked by tea leavesBlack sugar cubes. Drinks made from winter melons with black sugar. Waffles with some special flavors: caramel green tea, Yu-Ching mango 
This entire stand is based on the chicken pieces that this man pulled and shredded by hand A variety of handmade dried tofu: sha cha, original and spicy 
This is luxurious night market eating because these people got seats. Most of us eat out of a paper box or a plastic bag while walking and browsing.

Do you think you would enjoy something like this?

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