Wanderlust Taiwan- Brother Hotel, 兄弟大飯店, for Authentic Taiwanese Cusine

There are usually confusions about Taiwan: whether Taiwan is a part of China and whether Taiwan has its own cuisine.  The answer is no and yes, respectively. Taiwan is its own country and has a distinct culture and personality. Most importantly, it’s democratic with no censorship. Food wise, the Taiwanese cuisine certainly has its uniqueness. Here are examples from the Orchid Restaurant, 蘭花廳, in Brother Hotel in Taipei.Boiled Bamboo Shoots to be eaten with mayo. Sweet Potato Congee. 地瓜稀飯。The sweetness of the potato was infused into the congee. Baby Yam Leaves stirred-fried with garlic. Taiwanese cuisine is famous for using fresh ingredients and minimal cooking.  This is a perfect example. Boiled Shrimps with shells. 燙溫仔蝦。Nothing beats fresh seafood, especially the ones that were just caught in the morning. Omelette with pickled vegetables 
Fried Milkfish, 煎虱目魚肚- This is a popular fish in South East Asia.  The fish belly which is what we had is extremely tender, soft and smooth.Stewed Chicken with three cups of rice wine. 三杯雞Red bean soup for dessert. 紅豆湯。Bean soup for dessert?  You would have never thought it could be so tasty and healthy.

Simple cooking.  Fresh ingredients. Minimal processing. Food for healthy living and longevity. These are the principles behind most of Taiwanese dishes.

This experience took place at

Brother Hotel’s Orchid Restaurant
TEL:02-27123456(總機)    FAX:02-27173334    E-mail:service@brotherhotel.com.tw

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