Wanderlust Taiwan- Bento Box 府城蘭香便當. Simple and Delicious Taiwanese Food.

This is a local place that serves a limited number of dishes. The fake plastic food look inviting in the windows. The restaurant has a door, new wooden chair and tables, ACs running, and lots of locals dinning in and more taking out the bento boxes. Seems like an easy win so I went in and ordered today’s special – the fried pork chop with rice and vegetables.
The menu! This is why nearly 1.2 billion people or 16% of the world population speak Chinese. All for the food! I had the item that is labeled No 1 in the middle of the picture.
I waited five minutes for my fried piece of pork and it was so worth it. Worthy of every minute. There is tofu, fish cake, and vegetables on top of rice.
These are spicy pickled vegetables with fish. Excellent with the white rice. White rice rules.
This is a help yourself type of place. With each plate, you can gather the spicy pickled veggies, soup, and a small yogurt drink, Duo Duo. A complete meal for one costs less than $3 USD or $80 TWD.

Mind you, it’s not a lot of food. But it’s complete nutritionally speaking and enough calories to keep fit. I notice that I always eat a lot when I first arrive (the amount of the US food intake) and gradually eat less and less (the amount of the Taiwanese food intake). Because I am without a car in Taipei, I walk everywhere. This is a perfect set up to be fit and stay fit. Click here to see Asian’s expectations for fat percentage.

Would I return? Absolutely. This is a win! Cheers to simple and delicious Taiwanese food, especially when someone else cooks it for you. So lucky to spend a month here.

This experience took place at

Address: No. 5號, Chongde St
Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Phone:+886 2 2738 3778

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